As far as Abrihome is concerned, let us explain the meaning of the word 

‘abri’. Abri means in French, and it does not have any meaning in English, but it does flow beautifully off the tongue and easily pronounce (a-bree). It is a French word means "shelter", the word associated with being protected, being covered from the elements, and being home.

This is very appropriate since the online store "Abrihome" will be selling home furnishings. The home should feel like a wonderful shelter, one that we can decorate with beautiful home furnishings. The word "Home" in English means the place where one lives. Abri Home    together quite literally means "Shelter Home".

Again, because the products being sold are related to the home, this is a perfect name to have for our vision:to bring every customer a wonderful living place as comfortable as a shelter.


As mentioned before, the word abri means shelter in English, we also want to explain you why our creator choose this word as our brand name. It says in the Bible, Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91-1). The Lord always give us a shelter to protect us, as a brand we also want to provide a shelter to our most high god---our customers. 

What the brand creator wants to bring to everyone is the comfortable, high qualified and beautiful furniture and home appliance. We want to use good products to make our home a real shelter. For customers to be comfortable from purchase to use, we built this online shopping web and Complete after-sales system. Everything we do is for the original vision: to bring every customer a wonderful living place as comfortable as a shelter, for both product and service.


Easy Living, Beautiful Home

As the pace of life accelerates, everyone needs a relaxing living place. Our vision is to bring every customer a wonderful easy living place to protect them from tedious social life. 

We hope your living place is easy but not monotonous, that is why we provide you different style furniture. People could choose the their own dress in social life, they can also choose the style of their living place. We are willing to help our customs to have a beautiful home with their own preferences and aesthetics.


Our product focus on high-end outdoor and indoor furniture, like garden sofa, patios dining table, heater, umbrella, lounge and also some small home and pets accessories. We are committed to providing high quality and delicate furniture and home product for restaurants, gardens, yards and indoor recreational places. Our designers come from Europe, America and China. They merged advanced design concepts and combine our minimalist style with our passion for great design to created our unique products. In addition to the excellent appearance, the function, comfort and practicality of the our furniture cannot be less. From material selection to production, we have been committed to the greatest degree of comfort close to the human body, easy to assemble and store. Besides, some of our products like wicker furniture are hand-made.

We're just getting started in the UK. There are not many kinds and quantities of products at present. But we still offer a variety of cooperation models.Please move to/business/

We provide high-end products but affordable prices, customers can choose their target price range. We will also have some discounts and promotions sometime. You could follow our social platforms to get more promotional information.